Friday, October 2, 2009

Embracing Your Infinite Potential

Sunday, October 25- Edmonton
10h00 am- 5h00 pm

Join Denis Chagnon, a healer renowned for developing and teaching a simple technique
know as “grounding”. Meditative, gentle and transformative it can be practised by anyone to
bring your energy out of conflict and into coherence. Denis will provide masterful
guidance of how this tool is used to work through positive and negative experiences that
will ultimately reinforce your ability to stay grounded, fine tuning your intentions, and
elevate your connection with your “Source” (God, Creator, Spirit, Infinite).
This workshop will help to:
- Create harmony within yourself by understanding intention
- Allow your intention to carry your truth
- Be present in your life with “grounding”
- Manifest abundance in your life
- Experience your life fully by accessing inner peace

Workshop Cost $ 130.00 to reserve your space visit: and choose Workshops.
For information on available private sessions, choose Appointments.
For more information or assistance with booking, email Connie at

Comfort Inn & Suites
10425-100th Avenue

There will be 30 mins. For lunch. Please bring your own food and drink.

Special Offer
Book an Energy Healing session with Denis October
19th, 20th or 21st at the Inner Awareness Centre and
receive $30.00 off this workshop.