Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story of the Week

In 1994, I started working with universal energy, and since that time, I have had many different and very interesting experiences. In the past, I have not shared these experiences partly because I thought many people would find the stories too hard to believe. I have reached the point in my life where I now feel it is an opportune time to share these stories with those who might be interested in reading about them.

Week of April 5, 2010
(Story by Denis, written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

A month ago, a friend in Toronto asked me to visit a house she had recently purchased because when she attempted to take pictures in the house, the camera would not show any of the photographs. The house was under renovation, and the contractors were uncomfortable working there because they could see a foggy face which would appear in a certain area of the house.

At that time, I visited the house and felt some sort of “entity”. It seemed to be in the form of a 10 foot x 10 foot square wall located in the stairway. I checked the rest of the house, and it was fine except for this one area. When I walked near the area, I tried to remove the entity, but it did not work. I sensed a huge resistance from the entity and starting feeling sick. My spiritual guides advised me to stop and to return at a future time when I was equipped with sage and a candle.

On the weekend, I returned to the house, but about an hour before arriving, I could feel the entity already starting to attack my body. I grounded myself very well and gave myself an energy treatment, because my guides had asked me to prepare my body for this. As I walked toward the house, I could already feel the entity and that I was not welcome. When arriving at the house, I went into all of the other rooms first. When I reached the area where the entity was located, I tried using an energy cylinder, spiral vortex, and different other techniques to clear it, but these techniques did not work. On the advice of my guides, I used the sage and the candle that I had brought with me and performed a purification ceremony. The energy started to release, but there was still some resistance. My guides asked me to use my body as a tool to activate this entity in order to clear it. I put myself in front of this entity (square wall) and asked it to come to me and to use my body to help it to leave. The energy of this entity wanted to “ground” in order to stay there, but I asked it to leave by going through my body. I asked it to come to me, and I started to send it love. I could feel the energy going through my body and slowly go through my cylinder.

After about ten minutes, I felt much more peaceful and felt the energy leaving. I could sense with my third eye that the square wall was getting softer and softer. There were multiple layers, and as each layer was removed, I felt more peaceful. The entity had been in the house for probably a hundred years and was made up of a minimum of three people who had lived there long ago. When I completed the process, the entity was completely gone.