Friday, May 21, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of May 17, 2010 – Predicting Illness
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

Ever since I started working with universal energy, I have found that I am able to read a person’s body and determine if a disease will manifest at some point in the future. About ten years ago, I was doing energy work with a very good friend whom I had known for about 15 years. At that time, I told her to be careful when channeling energy because she could create sickness within her body. She was not grounded enough for the amount of light that she was receiving.

In May of 1998, my spiritual guides informed me that the vibration of the planet had changed, and therefore, we must change the way that we ground ourselves in order to process large amounts of light. Instead, we must ground through the two base chakras. In the case of my friend, she needed a base that was wide and strong, and I told her that a disease could manifest in her head. She did not receive this information with a positive reaction, and she stopped coming to me for treatments.

Over the years, I have found that many people are not receptive when I tell them that they might get sick in the future. Instead of asking what they could do to change things in order to get better, many people withdraw and stop receiving treatments from me for long periods of time and sometimes permanently. In the case of this long-time friend, she returned for a treatment a couple of weeks ago after an absence of almost ten years. When she arrived, I saw within her body exactly what I had predicted years earlier, and she was still not well grounded. When people are very well grounded, they will not become sick. They can use all of the light that they receive to help themselves stay healthy instead of “feeding the mental”, but they must process and ground this light properly.

When channeling large amounts of light, grounding through the feet to the earth is not enough – we must ground through the two base chakras. When the first and second chakras are connected, it creates a powerful energetic force and a balance with the other chakras that allows us to ground, process, and integrate light faster and more easily. The lack of sufficient grounding is a primary reason why the flow of energy becomes stagnated. When you are not grounded, emotions do not flow properly through your body, and this blocked energy can manifest in the physical body as disease.

What I have learned from these experiences - where people hear news of future illness and do not want to do anything to change - is that they need to go through the experience of the illness for their own learning. More specifically, the person needs this learning experience in order for the soul to grow. Consequently, I no longer tell clients about possible future illnesses unless they ask, and I have the specific agreement from my guides to do so.