Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of July 5, 2010 - The Choice to Get Help or Not
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

This past Saturday, before leaving Vancouver, I went to play a game of golf. When I arrived at the golf course, a man and his son were ready to play, and I was teamed up with them. At about the 13th or 14th hole, the man asked me what I did for a living, and I explained that I did energy work. By the 15th hole, he asked if I knew what type of illness he had. I told him that he had swelling on the right testicle and that all of his energy was on the right side. He had problems walking and had pain on the right side.

The man then asked me how I do energy work. I explained to him that before checking someone, I always obtain permission from the person before directing my energy to that individual. I asked permission to check him and noticed that there were blockages at various points in his body. When I see blockages, I can release those blockages if the person and the soul are open to this. I could feel that his energy was very strong – that his soul was calling for help.

At that point, the man gave me permission to treat him so I connected with him by looking at him, and I raised my vibration to reach his. (When doing physical work, such as golfing, I lower my vibration). Within a short time, I started to release some of the blockages. Because the vibration was very high, I could see that an instant healing was possible. I was certainly not prepared for that because I had simply come to the golf course to play golf. I started to become dizzy because of the very high vibrations. When I sat down, the man sat down beside me, and he started to open up. I reconnected to him to move the energy in his body to the centre until the swelling was gone and the man was centered. He stood up and yelled that he was okay. He was so happy, and he even finished playing the last hole. He thanked me for the healing and started to cry.

After that experience, I decided that I wanted to play another round of golf. When I went to the Starter, he said go ahead right now, and there will be no charge. This was a gift from the universe. I played the first three holes alone, and at the fourth hole, I met up with another guy who was playing with another couple whom he did not know. The four of us played together.

After playing almost 10 holes of golf, the man who was by himself asked me what I did for a living. I explained to him that I work with energy. Like before, this man asked me if I knew what type of illness he had. I told him that he had some type of liver disease. The man quickly indicated that he did not want any help so I decided to simply hold the space. At the next hole, he asked what I did before energy work, and I told him that I had been a police officer. The guy said we were on opposite sides of the law because in the late 1970’s, he was very involved in drugs. I could see that the man was very closed in, and I could sense friction coming from him. At the next hole, he had so much pain he could not finish the game. The woman on our team, and who had never met this guy before, could sense that he would not live very long. His liver has been damaged partly because of the anger issues that he has not resolved.

These two very different golfing experiences demonstrate how we always have a choice in life to open up and to get the help that we need or to close in and not seek help and to continue to live in pain.